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(FAFY) is the "bomb"!

This traffic site allows you to advertise
in many different and effective ways. Not only this but it has a
way of bringing serious advertisers into it's
"play my game to earn credits".

This brings more people to see your ads.

Of course MANY advertising sites 
attempt to use similiar stategies but the difference is
that FAFY gets you real hits and LOTS of real hits.
Not only this but here at Team Elite Traffic Club,
we recieve real conversions to our offers every week.

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TIPS For Using FAFY:


I highly recommend this site.
The engagements are great and you will get a lot of sign-ups and sales.
The admin sends every Tuesday email with promo codes to all members 


Use promo code welcome to get the following ad package:

5 Text Links w/5000 Impressions ($25 Value) 
5 468x60 Banner Ads w/5000 Impressions ($25 Value) 
1 Full Page Surf Ad w/250 Views 
1 125x125 Banner Ad w/1000 Impressions 
10,000 Bonus Credits


Use promo code welcome2 to get the following ad package:

4 Text Links w/5000 Impressions ($20 Value) 
4 468x60 Banner Ads w/5000 Impressions ($20 Value) 
1 Solo Ad to all members ($10 Value) 
10,000 Bonus Credits

Also, you will get 

Over $300 In Advertising (Includes 6 Solo Ads!)

You can earn your promo upgrade for free     


Okay, so here' some great things I've learned from being a FreeAdvertisingForYou member: 
The First thing is that every day you login, just click on the "Ad for the day"
and each day you do this the amount of credits you earn increases by 100! 
When you login for 30 days in a row, you'll have earned a total of 46,500 credits!
That's a whole lot of credits! haha!
*You can see more details on this in Step 7 of their 8 Steps to Success*
The Second thing is that if you click 25 ads a day you have the ability to get put in a drawing to win a prize! This basically takes me 5-10 mins, so why not!
 Here's an awesome free upgrade you can get:
Their website says: "Get PRO as fast as you can. 
Once you get 200 total points, you will be upgraded to PRO the next time you login.
This level lets you earn higher commissions, get more credits for clicks your referrals make, lets you add 1 site to the login rotator, qualifies you for random referrals and a great ad package! Just login everyday and complete the 3 activities to earn tokens.
If you do nothing else it will only take you 10 days to get your PRO membership!"
Solo's cost 250,000 credits and I noticed I had over 250 hits from one of these!
(Your results may be more or less). 
Regular text ads "cost" 75,000 credits.
So this is my strategy:
Just from clicking on the "special featured ad" each day (Step 7 in their 8 steps to success*) you will earn 45,000 credits in one month. At the top of the menu, there is a Daily Bonus, you earn 100 credits the first day you click on the ad,
every day after that your bonus increases by 100 (200,300,400 etc.)!
Then you will earn 450 credits per each solo ad in your email you click (if you upgrade to one time gold membership for $17) and I think its 250 credits for free pro member
(you have to earn this but it's not too hard).
So if you click 20 text ads a day and 25 solo's from your email
 each day you will earn 11250 + 1,200 = 12450 each day x 7 days = 87,150 a week.
You will be able to earn one text ad a week this way. You also will be able to earn one more text ad each month just from the extra credits left over and from clicking the one special ad each day. (12150 left over credits each week x 4 weeks = 48,600 mo + 45, 000 credits from the special).
So this allows you to send one text ad each week and the bonus of 2 text ads on the last week of the month. This also includes you in the daily prize and if you get 1000 tokens by the end of the month, you will be placed in the 1K Club. If you're interested in this go to FreeAdvertisingforyou website for more details.
I get about 27 -  45 hits just for one text ad so I think it’s definitely worth it. You results may vary.
You may also be able to earn an additional free 10,000 credits each week for taking advantage of a special promo code they give out.
You may have to be a free pro member to get this email however.
*See Eight Steps to Success as shown in Free Advertising For You.


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